Is your Hair as Healthy as you Think?

Healthy hair is important to the way you look and feel. Our hair forms a major part of our look and the last thing you want is to have dull or dry hair altering your appearance for the worse. Here are some of the ways you can assess the condition of your hair and decide whether you need to do anything to improve it:

• Check the ends. Healthy hair will have neat, solid ends without any splits. You can achieve this by having a regular haircut.

• See how dry your hair is. If it feels brittle and damaged, use a nourishing treatment or have a deep conditioning treatment applied by a stylist.

• Look for signs of a dry scalp or dandruff. These need special attention and you should change the type of shampoo you use.

• Talk to your hair stylist. They will be able to tell you how healthy your hair is and whether you need to do anything to improve it.